About Us

Rocking HorseThe arrival of a grandchild usually changes things. In this case, it redirected a lifelong interest in wood work into handmade wooden toys. The kind they used to make. The kind you’d want your children to play with. The kind that are built to last – even with the punishment a young child hands out.


All our toys are ‘field-tested’ by our grandson and his friends, and as a result have been refined to improve their handling and durability. We’ve been able to work with many of the fantastic families and carers we’ve met at markets to provide them with exactly what they’ve been looking for.  And a lifetime of wood-working skills have gone into our rocking horses – hand carved, individually hand-finished and built to last generations.


We’re thrilled when our customers return to buy the next toy, and even more so when they ask us to develop a new product for them. Come see us at our next market, or contact us to see if we can help you find that perfect thing for your little one.